Sunday, November 7, 2010

cake & aprihop

I remember one day when you said, "hey, cake decorating classes are half price at michaels this month. wanna take one with me?" and i said, "sure, why not?" next thing you know we were knee deep in cake, and while I am proud of the business you started and so graciously let me be a part of, I am more proud to call you a friend and am so thankful for the countless hours i got to spend with you decorating cakes (even the stressful ones, where cakes were toppling over and fillings were squishing out and mousse turned to butter) and the conversations we were able to share. I don't know what I would have done without you during my time in delaware.. you are such a gift to everyone who has been blessed enough to have you in their lives. miss you & happy birthday!!! -Chandler

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  1. Chandler! I am so lucky to have had that wonderful year with you! It was too short but so full. Thank you for being my friend! I can't wait until you move back out to this side of the world and we can see each other more than once a year! Miss you and love you! xoxoxox