Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Ways Carrie Changed My Life...And Some Random Fun!

1) Carrie invited me to be a “roomie”. If not for our mission trip to Daytona Beach (how did we both end up on an IV mission trip anyway?), I may never have experienced the awesomeness of living with the best roommates ever! My college experience and the entire direction of my life was forever impacted by our prank wars, Crockpot Fridays, girly movies, and - most importantly - the constant love and support I experienced in our time living together.

2) Carrie prayed for me. In college, and even at times still today, Carrie was the person I went to with stress, prayer concerns, or ministry hopes. She was the person I could count on to pray for me and with me, whether I was in a serious crisis, or just in the midst of my own drama! This was especially true during some of our late evening porch talks.

3) Carrie built my faith. I have never met someone more willing to love people exactly as they are, and yet love them way too much not to share with them the truth of the gospel. I am in constant awe of her ability to balance her beliefs with her everyday life, and to love her friends and family enough to be honest with them, even when they don’t agree with her. It challenges me to be more open, loving, and honest in my own everyday life.

Random Fun…

• Quote Boards!
• Love Shack, Baby!
• HVT Young Life Club!
• Margaritas’ Pizza!
• You going to class…me and Kristin on the couch with Rosie!
• Beach Days!
• Boston…and Cranberry Bogs!
• Mimosas for our 21st b-days!
• You girls trying to teach me to like beer!
• Boys…enough said!
• Our Weddings!
• Veronica Mars!
• Pregnancies!
• Our sons playing together!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christian Curry

This message isn't a story about Carrie. It is about the importance
of Carrie. In a world without Carrie, I would imagine Mike working 12
jobs (he currently only holds 11) to keep up with his beer, clothing,
automobile, and beer habits. Without Carrie, Mike would have a
microwave and eat "Hungry Man" meals 5-6 nights out of the week (not
that there is anything wrong with this). On the other 1 - 2 nights,
he would eat scrapple sandwiches with a light salad. Without Carrie,
Mike would most likely live in the new "tree house" outside of the
Dogfish Factory. Without Carrie, there would be no Ethan and no Katie
and that would make Mike sad. Carrie has done a nice job raising Mike
and their two children. Thanks for being a great sister-in-law!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

cake & aprihop

I remember one day when you said, "hey, cake decorating classes are half price at michaels this month. wanna take one with me?" and i said, "sure, why not?" next thing you know we were knee deep in cake, and while I am proud of the business you started and so graciously let me be a part of, I am more proud to call you a friend and am so thankful for the countless hours i got to spend with you decorating cakes (even the stressful ones, where cakes were toppling over and fillings were squishing out and mousse turned to butter) and the conversations we were able to share. I don't know what I would have done without you during my time in delaware.. you are such a gift to everyone who has been blessed enough to have you in their lives. miss you & happy birthday!!! -Chandler

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Patrick's Twin

Although Patrick is technically younger - he has always let you be the baby. And you were so nice to include him in all your birthday celebrations - for whenever we got tired of hearing you tell us that your birthday was coming up you started telling us that is was Patrick's birthday coming soon.

Cindy Lou Who

I can't find the picture right now but you looked just like Cindy Lou Who - the littlest Who in Who-ville. Tiny and cute with the hair to match. :-)

From Grandmom Brugh

Hi Carrie,
Your visits to Florida have always meant a lot to us. You gave us a week here in early 90's when you and Pop Pop rode bikes together and we had fun planning events together. Remember your bingo win when you were too young to collect--you knew you were winning and quickly exchanged cards with PopPop BUT when we got home you counted dimes won to equal $30. You were so delighted to win.
Another time we went to an alligator farm. Alligators were in pens and smelly, and you remarked that the wild ones sunning along the river were more interesting. We had crossed a bridge across the river to get to the alligator farm.
You and Nicky visited Don and I a few years ago. How wonderful to see you. We would welcome your family anytime-Let us know.

Love always, Grandmom and Don PS Happy 30th birthday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jodi Chesmore

I remember having a hard conversation standing in the Hagerty House and thinking this girl is never going to speak to me again, and then there she was walking down the isle, a woman of God, mature, beautiful and full of life, hope and promise. She is still that woman along with a wife, a mother, friend and an ambassador of Christ. A gift to those who know her and those who will have the privilege to call her their friend. You are loved. What a blessing you have been in my life. I love you!