Friday, November 5, 2010

College (and Beyond) Memories

I like this list business, so here are some random highlights of fun times:

- Fun Fridays!
- Spanish Monkey!
- Diego and Juan Carlo
- KC and the Sunshine Band Detective Agency
- Making people listen to the Mary Poppins soundtrak against their wills (although, who DOESN'T want to listen to the Mary Poppins soundtrack??)
- Interviewing people with the microphone
- The kidnapping of the microphone
- Penelope and Nancy
- Our medley that we would sing to people from the porch at the lighthouse
- Sad songs: "Thank You" (Dido), "One Fine Day" (Natalie Merchant), and "On My Own"
- Fall Foliage
- Wynnewood House
- Remember when we were going to open that restaurant?
- And so many more fun times with the totally awesome Carrie!!

Love you, Happy Birthday, chicken!!! :)

- Kristin


  1. Kristin - there is no single person that I have more random memories with. I loved college mostly because I had someone as ridiculous as myself who was willing to do all the crazy things we could think of! By the way - it was Juan Diego and Carmelita...
    Wanna go play Spanish Monkey? Maybe when we move into the castle...

  2. Arg! I knew I got their names wrong... either way. OH! And little doors!