Friday, November 5, 2010

Beth Curry

Most of my memories of you Carrie, also include Mike...and that is a great thing! The fact that I knew Mike well before I knew of you, and even Christian, is something I hold dear to my heart. I do remember sitting on the dock in Canada, talking to Mike about my relationship with Christian, and the possibility of C and I getting married. I remember him saying, "It is an awesome thing to be with someone whom you love so much, for the rest of your life". I know Mikey thinks that of you, and he loves you so, so much! What I love is that I could not have asked for a more beautiful, God-loving, sincere, sweet, and fun person to share the role of "Curry boy wife" with me! You are so much more than a sister in law to me, you are a true friend. I love that we can talk about even the deepest of things together, and when those "things" involve our husbands, I love that we can both understand as the wives of these amazing men. I love that we are raising our families together, and that our children are growing to become the best of friends. I love that our husbands are better friends, and better brothers now, than they have ever been! I love that we are in this spiritual journey together and that we can be ourselves together. I love that you are the exact form of my husband (but female) and that Mike and I share our "free spirit" personalities! I can't wait to "grow up" together, Carrie, with our husbands, and children, and most importantly, our God. You are an amazing woman, wife, and mother, but to me, you are the greatest of friends. Thanks Carrie, and have a wonderful 30th birthday!!!

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  1. Beth - I could not be more thankful for you as my sister-in-law and friend. I love talking to you about real stuff and watching you parent your children. I learn so much from you - and not just decorating ideas :) I love how you love your husband, how you can be silly with your kids, how you are an amazing hostess and love having people in your home, and how we can giggle about our families together during the random family gatherings!
    I can't imagine being a Curry without you!
    Much love!