Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Grandmom Brugh

Hi Carrie,
Your visits to Florida have always meant a lot to us. You gave us a week here in early 90's when you and Pop Pop rode bikes together and we had fun planning events together. Remember your bingo win when you were too young to collect--you knew you were winning and quickly exchanged cards with PopPop BUT when we got home you counted dimes won to equal $30. You were so delighted to win.
Another time we went to an alligator farm. Alligators were in pens and smelly, and you remarked that the wild ones sunning along the river were more interesting. We had crossed a bridge across the river to get to the alligator farm.
You and Nicky visited Don and I a few years ago. How wonderful to see you. We would welcome your family anytime-Let us know.

Love always, Grandmom and Don PS Happy 30th birthday.

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  1. I have such fond memories of visiting West Virginia and Florida. I know we were spoiled with all of the great food, fun adventures, and even the underage gambling :)

    We are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents who have loved us and cared for us for so many years. Love you, Grandma!