Friday, November 5, 2010

Katie Hackett

Carrie, I have so many worthy memories of you but I think I will copy Mike and do a top ten list.
1. You ignoring me when I first came to campaigners (good thing I met Christ right?)
2. You always spending time with me in high school and always giving me Christ centered wisdom even before I knew what a relationship with Him looked like. Oh and telling me to break up with Evan, multiple times.
3. Making cupcake frosting "canola oil will make it shiny!" "put some ice cream on it for ambiance!"
4. The Procreator, The wizzle mizzle, "Draw the food lion, lion!"
5. Dumpster diving in your neighborhood under the cover of night.
6. Sleeping over at your house on those burgundy couches that I know you just recently got rid of.
7. You showing Meghan and I that you were pregnant with Ethan.
8. Baking anything and everything
9. So many tears of laughter, joy and trials.
10. I think above anything else it is seeing how your kindness, love, persistence and patience in my life allowed me to meet Christ, run hard after Him and to be a great example for me to do the same with high school girls all over Virginia, that is the most amazing memory anyone could ever grant me!
Love you Care Bear! Happy Birthday! Katie

1 comment:

  1. 1. Did I really ignore you? Or were you so shy you blended in with the furniture so no one would see you?
    2. I loved our times together! I got just as much if not more out of it than you did! And aren't you glad I told you to break up with him!
    3. Oil does NOT go in cupcake icing... but we can still make Mike try it :)
    4. The procreator... I love that my insides always hurt after spending any amount of time with you :)
    5. Did we ever find anything good?
    6. I should have saved those for you and your sweet new pad...
    7. Plus sign! Woo hoo rice cube!
    8. yum... what are you doing Thanksgiving weekend? Turkey cookies???
    9. I love that I can't remember the last time I saw you and I didn't see you cry.
    10. Everything I prayed for for you. I am so proud. You are so amazing. I love that I have mini-me's who are running after the Lord and doing things far beyond what I ever modeled. You are changing the world, katie hackett!
    11. Moist deluxe brownies. panties. putt putt. love you :)